Richmond Park Marshalls Marathon.

Myself & Nell before we set off.

Having been quite selfish over the last few years & concentrating on my running rather than the actual organisation of races, I’m trying to give back as it were & volunteer for a lot more marshalling duties.
So, when I saw Gareth the RD of the Richmond Park Marathon on the Winter Tanners earlier this year & he asked if I was running Richmond again, I told him no but was quite willing to help marshal it for him. As it goes, the raced landed right before one of my target races for the year so I wouldn’t have raced it anyway.
Gareth emailed me a couple of weeks ago & said that the route was changing & that he was going to run a low-key Marshalls event the week before & would I be interested in it. Oh yes please, a nice 26mile training run around Richmond Park would be lovely.
An email from the RD last week & he said that Nell McAndrew would be joining us for the run made it a bit more exciting as she is quite a blinking fast runner nowadays.
Made it to the start in plenty of time & said hello to everybody, Nell said hello & asked me if I was Mr Snotty?? Her mum had read one of my tweets about me having a head cold & told her that I may be snotting everywhere. Didn’t even know her mum followed me on Twitter!
The seven of us started at 9am & went off on to the 12mile loop with a couple of them including Nell saying that they would only do this loop & not the full Marathon, never mind, I was in it for the full Monty.
If you’ve never run in Richmond Park then I thoroughly recommend it, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today & it made the run so much more enjoyable, we all ran together for a while before Nell & Mark took off like whippets, not me though, it wasn’t in my plan. I carried on running with Gareth, Dave & Stephanie. Two fellow hundred club members & a young lady who was only doing the 12miles & had her first marathon booked later in the year at Septembers Bacchus Marathon.
We were all chatting away & running very comfortably & the first lap went really well, we stopped for a drink & some sweeties, at this point Steph nipped off to the loo & when she came back she said she was going to carry on with another lap, you can probably guess where I’m going here. Halfway through the next lap she said that she wanted to finish the whole thing. Well, her support runners certainly had enough combined experience between them with nearly 800 marathons & ultras under our belts. She didn’t really need us though as she was quite a strong runner & we only stopped a couple of times for a walk break over the final lap.
Took it steady & we finished in just over 4 ½ hrs, great day out & very pleased for Steph on pushing through & finishing her first marathon, even if it was on the fly! We went & celebrated with a blueberry muffin & a latte.
Roll on next week & the “real” thing, looking forward to helping marshal it.

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