The Rip-Run

Run the entire length of the 1057 mile Welsh border!? Yes, it sounded like a great idea at the time. Thankfully the new Wales Coastal Path was opened earlier this year & so my dream of actually doing this can now be realised.

Debating with myself about when to do this I thought I’d give myself a treat for my 45th Birthday… So, it will all start at Chepstow on the 1st of April (yes I know but it’s not an April fools joke) and heading West then North along the Wales Coastal Path all the way up to Queensferry, not forgetting to take in Holy Island & Anglesey. Once at Queensferry I’ll be heading back  to Prestatyn & then down South along Offas Dyke. And I’m hoping, really hoping to have it finished in 16 days.

That’ll be a daily mileage of around 66miles and apparently it isn’t exactly flat, or as my mate Chris said when I told him about it “Fuck me Allan, it’ll be hilly!”……

Anyway, thats it in a nutshell. Time to start hill training for this, so it looks like Boxhill & the NDW are about to get a hammering over the next few months.

Oh yes, any help you can give will be greatly appreciated, even just running a few miles with me will be great.


OR, OR you can sponsor me here, all monies raised will be going to The Childrens Trust in Tadworth Surrey.

Ah well, time to go start training. Well I will when I get back from Holiday on Monday afternoon.

See you kids on them HILLS….

One thought on “The Rip-Run

  1. Hi Alan, it is The Terminator, gutted I wont catch you but I will be a little busy myself, will spread the word though for sure. Coastal path shouldn’t be too hilly.

    Great charity, done a bit for them myself.

    Best of luck…

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