50 days to go.

I don’t blog much, never seem to have the time nor the inclination to put pen to paper so to speak. But I told myself to write a little blog every day from 50 days in upto the start of the Riprun just cataloging my training & thoughts as I face my biggest challenge yet.

Ran the Punchbowl 30 today, absolutely horrific conditions. Well, maybe not as bad as that but I was utterly shocking & I’m sitting here now in agony as everything hurts. 30 miles through the mud & my body feels worse than it does when I run a 100miles! Go figure eh.

On the plus side, I saw it through & have realised I need to get something to help my quads, going to look into quad guards as I think they may help a bit.

Rest day tomorrow but I think I could do with a small recovery run just to help get those muscles moving again.

In other news, it seems my application for the Spartathlon has been approved, No 228. Lets just hope that it’s third time lucky for me this year. It’s starting to become a monkey on my back.


3 thoughts on “50 days to go.

  1. I thought I saw you yesterday Alan. I was coming up the path out of CP2 as you were going towards it. My knee forced a reduction to 20 miles, but my body is aching a bit today too! A beautiful place for a race though, I’d definitely do it again – just wish the weather were nicer!

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