48 Days to go

I’m having a Rest week this week, but have still got training to do. Was supposed to go out with the club & run with them but seeing as it was Shrove Tuesday, the lure of the pancake was just too strong so I was out for 7miles  in the afternoon instead. Training is going well & I’ve got to fit a couple of runs in over the next few days but I’m keeping my eye on the weather as I want to get to Wales to get this recce done. Had to cancel the last one due to the flipping snow & as the header says, it’s only 48days until this starts! That clock is ticking.

Many thanks to one of my crew Martyn who has put everything, well nearly everything into a spreadsheet for me & the other crew members to help with the scheduling & the changeovers. This will prove invaluable when I get all the final information in. Still amazed at how much organisation this damn thing is taking. Still, remember the 6 ‘P’s..

***Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance***

Took a phone call from an Ultra running buddy of mine who’s going to try & fill in the small stop gap I’ve got in my crew roster, hopefully this will sort itself out as I’m not going to stress about it. (Not too much anyway)

In other news, I reached my Target amount on my Just giving page with T-pot from fetch getting me to the total with his donation. Biggest smile of the day came with Hendo & Harrys motivational soundbites on their donations. Made me chuckle for ages.

You can still donate though if you feel the need to abuse me…..



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