47 Days to go

Still resting… But thankfully back on to running Thursday with an easy 10miles on the plan.

The weather looks good for the weekend & I’ve just booked a hotel so I can get a recce of the route. Think the start/finish is a good place to go. Hoping to get another couple of recces in before the *Riprun* starts proper, of course this depends on work. It’s great being self-employed but when you’re rushed off your feet it’s hard trying to fit everything into your day, days, week! With regards to work, I had to go & fit a replacement shower screen in a bathroom I fitted out just before Christmas. It has taken the client this long to get the new one delivered.

I collected it from outside the clients new house & went over to the old house, let myself in & disabled the alarm……. Errr no I didn’t! Some bugger had changed the code, I phoned the client to ask the new code, no answer! The neighbours were twitching the curtains as I was pacing up & down outside hitting redial on my phone. After a few mins, I just went in & shut the door. Alarms should cut out after 15mins but this bugger didn’t! It just kept wailing away, I’m putting this down to the fact I kept setting off the PIRs. Didn’t realise it was a monitored alarm until the Police turned up just as I was packing up. 30 minutes of explaining what the heck I was doing & why the code wouldn’t turn the alarm off & I was away.

Spent a nice relaxing afternoon & early evening on the boat. I was the only one in the boatyard, what a great way to unwind. Bloody cold though!!

In other news, spoke to a very, very old friend of mine today(Known him since we were eight years old) & he’s got a couple of potential sponsors lined up for the riprun, hopefully they’ll be able to shoulder some of the cost towards kit & food for the crew etc etc. Negotiations have started.


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