46 Days to go.

Early finish today so I took myself down to the boat to get some work done down there, I’ve been told that owning a narrowboat is akin to owning a hole in the water you just chuck money into! Well, they’re not wrong. Trying to do all the work that’s needed on it myself, not that it needs a lot, but being new to it I suppose I may be going slightly overboard (Pardon the pun) on the general upkeep. Today was just rubbing down some of the woodwork & re-varnishing.

On the plus side however, it’s great running country down on the towpath & I took myself off for a nice steady 2 hrs. this afternoon, just loving the SUNSHINE & enjoying nature at its best.

Heading to Wales for the weekend, really looking forward to this recce & spoke to my coach about it. I’ll be running a hell of a lot more miles on this recce than my program says I should be doing but I have to fit it in when I can. Mimi was cool about it & she knows that I have to recce around my work & other family commitments. It’s great to chat to somebody who’s done massive challenges like this before & who knows all about the training commitments & trials & tribulations that I will be facing. Fairly sure I’ll be bending her ear a lot more before April 1st & I’m very glad she agreed to coach & mentor me for this project.

In other news, I’m thinking about upgrading to WordPress Pro, anybody use it? I really need to personalise my blog a lot more.


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