Short & fast(ish)

A short while ago a good friend of mine collapsed & died whilst out running.
We had his funeral about 10days later & gave him a good send off, also found out about his love of One Direction! The bugger kept that quiet…

Tonight we celebrated his running career with a mile race. John Allen, the Collingwood Chairman gave a small speech before the start of the race saying that although Andrew would never win any medals or trophies for his running he was a solid club member who always gave his best efforts when he raced. To be honest, he never stayed near the finish line as he was always off throwing up after really giving everything he had for the race. Doesn’t matter about the distance, he gave his all.

Feel I let him down a little tonight as I could have pushed it a little harder but didn’t want to injure myself a couple of days before the Cotswolds 100 miler at the weekend. (Sorry mate) But no worries, he knew I love the long stuff so he’d understand.

The inaugural Andrew Griffin Mile was won in 4:50 by clubmate Neil while I came in 21st!?! with a 6:31. Not too shabby for an Ultra runner, but by heck where did all these fast runners come from?


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