Killing a race

Oh dear, did I really do that?

I’m not too sure but I’m fairly confident that my blog may have helped in its demise.

It’s a shame that my email offering constructive criticism went un-noticed by the Race Director or if he did take note then he never bothered to reply to me. It seems that not only has the race disappeared but the entire organisation may have gone under owing money to runners who have already registered to some of their other races. The website has been taken down as has their Facebook page, I just hope that he has the decency to refund everybodys cash & that he hasn’t been left out of pocket as well.

I was asked today by another Race Director about who I thought would make a worse long term RD, Business people who don’t know running or runners who don’t know business? I’ve pondered this all afternoon & I think that a good business man would win out in the end. You could be the most passionate runner on the planet but if you’ve got no business sense then you will bankrupt yourself. I’m not too sure what camp the Saxon-Shore Ultra Trails RD was in & unfortunately we’ll never find out now.

I don’t think he set out to be a bad RD but do feel that he was out of his depth when it came to the logistics of the longer races. Ask any General, they don’t just think tactically, they think logistically. Get the required goods & resources to the right place at the right time. If he’d kept to the 50 & 60 milers then he could have gained some valuable experience & then progressed to the 100mile races.

Thankfully, we do have a great collection of very experienced RD’s out there who continue to make our races & our sport flourish & grow. But, with the growth of the Ultra scene, I feel they may be a few more companies who jump on the bandwagon & set up races that they cannot cope with. I’d like to see a few more rules brought in to cope with these races, Full permits required, mandatory CPs for longer races etc. We, as runners have to carry mandatory kit for races & I feel that RDs have a mandatory duty of care to the athletes running them.


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