1st Packing

You know that feeling when you’re about to start something & all you can hear in your ear is a tagline from a famous film?

Well, when I started my kit packing tonight for The Spine Race all I could hear was Chief Brody muttering “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”

I pushed, shoved, coerced, manhandled & then had a coffee whilst the wife took over. She pushed, shoved, coerced, womanhandled & then said “Meh, you need a bigger bag”..

Thankfully Paracord & Bungees have come to my rescue & I’ve nearly sorted it out now. I seem to have managed to attach everything I need & now it’s just the simple task of loading my drop bag, buying my food & then “Running” 268miles non-stop(ish)

Will probably repack about 20 times before I leave on Friday though.


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