New training blog.





Hmmm, training reboot. Yes, that’ll be it.

2016, well it’s been a pretty rubbish year for training in the Ogee household. Family health issues came to the fore & I pretty much spent the first 5 months of the year not sleeping for worry.

But! All bad things come to an end & so did my worrying phase, however the “damage” to my fitness was already done as with not sleeping, I was too tired to go running more than once or twice a week. I even cancelled a couple of races. Unheard of really, even half fit I normally go for it but I’ve had a reality check & know that I need to improve. “Compete, not complete” is now my new motto.

So! Here it is, the start of a new training regime.

The aims, blog my progress as I lose a bit of weight, get really fit & tear up every race I enter next year. I’ve entered a few already & want it to be a full on hardcore, no compromise 12 months of racing.

Today, weighed myself & came in at 15 stone dead. Ran six miles & nearly died on my arse, hated nearly every minute of it & didn’t feel comfortable until the last mile. Thanks to Paul Ali’s better abacus, I’ve been told I hated 83% of it. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll only hate 80% of it.


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